Video resources

First Seizure Video

We have created the First Seizure video for parents/carers of young people who present with a first afebrile seizure.  It provides important safety information and details on medical follow-up.

PLEASE NOTE: The education video below relates to a first afebrile seizure (i.e. seizure without fever). It is NOT for febrile convulsions. The video includes general advice only, and does not take into account individual medical conditions or needs. Further seizure safety information can be accessed via the PENNSW safety section. The legal requirements for driving following a first seizure can be found in the AUSTROADS Assessing Fitness to Drive document. 

Living Well with Epilepsy Video

We have created a video for teenagers with epilepsy which includes important information regarding: safety precautions to reduce risks; making wise choices regarding medications, sleep, drugs and alcohol; driving regulations; mood support; pregnancy and contraception; travelling; and transition to adult services.